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Best Health Tracking Application “Health is wealth”. You hear this proverb every now and then. But only those of you can know the deep meaning of this proverb; who have experienced worst situations due to their worst health. Being healthy, physically and mentally, is no doubt a dire need to a successful and a peaceful life. No matter which age group you belong to, if you face illness, you must go for its cure. Going to a physician is a wise step and keeping a full record of your medicines, sickness and all the visits to the doctor is a wiser step. Now obviously keeping a record of your fitness on paper is old fashioned. Not only is this method obsolete, but it is difficult as well. Your papers can easily be misplaced or trashed by mistake which would lead to the loss of your data. To eradicate such issues and to make your life easier, a Medical Fitness App is being launched by the name of Beeps Health. This app keeps a whole track of your fitness and alarms you (as the name indicates; beeps you) when the situation is worst. To know more about this medical fitness app, read the whole article. Get to know this Best Health Tracking Application

Best Health Tracking Application- What is Beeps Health?

Beeps Health is a multi-purpose Android and iOS app providing assistance to keep you healthy. This app is not just for your own self but you can keep a track of your whole family. If your parents are suffering from some disease, you can keep a whole track of their medicines through this app. If you have small kids at your home, you can see the growth rate of theirs through this app. Whether your children are growing normally or you need to feed them a little more, all these decisions can be made by the guidance of this medical fitness app. You can also save the details regarding your appointments of any particular illness and thus, can keep a track on your punctuality. In short, Beeps Health is made to keep you and your family fit; away from every disease.

Features of Beeps Health:

Beeps Health has got a lot of useful features, wholly and solely to make you feel healthy. Some of the features are discussed here. Have a look on the benefits yourself.

  • You can enter your data regarding your medicines. How many medicines you take every day? time of the intake of your medicines, names of the tablets and every other information can be saved. Not only you can save the present medication but you can also enter the medicinal history of the pills you have been taking in the past.
  • Data regarding your height, weight, food consumption, blood pressure etc. can also be entered and saved. You can view the information anytime and can visualize the changes through charts. Through this activity, you can make sure that you blood pressure should remain under control or you should double the rounds of your jogging track to control weight.
  • Test results can also be uploaded and can be seen at any part of the time. Again, entering such information would turn out to be useful as tests reports are required by every doctor when you go for the treatment.
  • You can analyze that whether the food you are taking in, is satisfactory regarding nutrition or not. This is done by a tracker. Your entered meals would be compared to the fibers and nutrients you actually need.
  • The most amazing feature, which you could never find anywhere on one platform is, online interaction with the doctors. You can approach to doctors from all around the globe and can have discussion with them online. You can confirm your appointments and have a full time connection with your physicians. Your uploaded data can be read by your doctors making things easier for the doctor and the patient.

3d Body Charts:

And here comes one more stunning feature of Beeps Health. For your better understanding, Beeps Health provides you with a facility of 3d body charts. These body charts were developed through ADOBE EDGE. Through these charts you can realize in a better way that where you are standing and where you should stand. You cans set goals and work on them in a proper way with the help of these tracking charts.

How to Access Beeps Health:

This medical fitness app can be downloaded on Android and iOS based gadgets. Beeps Health can easily be downloaded in iPhone, iPad, iPods and android smartphones. This app is totally free of cost. All you have to do is, download the app through app center, and register yourself through a username and a password. Once you have this app on your cell phones, then no matter where ever you are and what time it is, you can have a full track of your medicines and medical history. Beeps Health would memorize your medicines and would notify you to take them on time. In this way, you would not have to memorize the time and type of medicine.

More about Beeps Health:

Beeps Health sloganizes as “Easing the PAIN of Medical Information”. The features mentioned above justify this statement very well. Web portal of Beeps Health is developed by Off-Road Studios.

Beeps Health was released on June, 07 2013. Its size is 8.7 MB. It is available in different languages including English, Spanish, German and Northern Sami. With this wide range of languages, people from all over world speaking different languages can take benefit from this app. It is a first version. It has been rated 4+ up till now.

It is a new app and there is a lot of space of improvement. Beeps Health appreciates the comments and suggestions of their users. You are always invited to guide us so we can come up to your expectations. You can join Beeps Health community on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Word Press, Google+ and blogs. Join this app on these social websites and learn more about Beeps Health. Keep yourself aware and remain healthy wealthy and wise.

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